Topical Scar Management

Custom Compounded Topical Medications for Scar Management from Professional Arts Pharmacy

Topical Medications for Scars

Professional Arts Pharmacy offers custom Topical Scar Management options for patients with various types of scars (new, old, stretch marks, keloids, surgical scars and more). We offer a silicone-based treatment option with a combination of other drugs anticipated to address scar size and appearance. We also have an expert staff ready to assist patients every step of the way.

Covered by Most Insurance Plans

Unlike most over-the-counter scar gels, compounded medications containing Pracasil-Plus® are covered by most prescription insurance plans, allowing your patients to pay their usual prescription copay.


Other Studies

Pracasil Plus – Studies and Report Booklet

Pracasil-Plus® is a registered trademark of PCCA
(Professional Compounding Centers of America).

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