Customer Service

We have built our reputation on serving the clinical needs of the physician community.

We accomplish this by making the needs of patients our No. 1 priority.

We Put Patients First

Many patients require customized pharmaceutical solutions because they do not respond to traditional methods of treatment, because they need strengths and dosage forms that are not readily available, or because they are allergic to ingredients in mass-manufactured medications. Professional Arts Pharmacy fills that void. We tailor compounded medications to individual patients who cannot tolerate mass-produced medications.

We put patients first. Our 15+ professional customer support advisors are available to answer questions promptly and accurately. We offer a level of personalized attention few — if any — other compounding pharmacies can offer. Our large staff of pharmacists and lab technicians is hard at work completing prescribers’ requests to service their patients. We can deliver most orders to your doorstep within 24 hours*. For a patient or caregiver with special health challenges, we provide peace of mind and invaluable convenience. And that is a PAP Difference.

*Certain restrictions and/or delays may apply due to weather and/or type of prescription and the compounding process.

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