We take pride in offering patients pharmaceutical compounding services that few — if any — large retail pharmacies can offer.

Putting Patients First

Many patients require customized compounding solutions because they do not respond to traditional methods of treatment. They may need medicines in strengths and dosage forms that are not readily available – or they may be affected by factors including discontinuation of medicines, allergies, ingestion problems, combining medications or a need for enhanced ease of use. Professional Arts Pharmacy (PAP) fills the void by providing compounded medications tailored to individual patients who are not able to use mass-produced medications.

At PAP, we put patients first. Our 15+ professional customer support representatives are available to answer questions promptly and accurately. We offer a level of personalized attention that few, if any, other compounding or large retail pharmacies can offer. Our large staff of pharmacists and lab technicians are hard at work formulating the compounds you need to address your symptoms and help you get well. In most cases, we can deliver the compound to your doorstep within 24 hours. This is an invaluable service, especially for those with special needs such as health challenges and mobility issues. This is service excellence you cannot buy at a large retail chain and it is what sets us apart from all other pharmacies.

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