Choosing a Pharmacy

We are an integral part of the medical triad:
Physician, Patient and Pharmacist

The Physician’s Preference

When a physician chooses a treatment and drug regimen for a patient with unique medical needs, this often means using a compounding pharmacy. Prescription drug compounds may be ordered by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, dentist, veterinarian or other prescriber and prepared by licensed compounding pharmacists and  technicians inside a safe, carefully controlled laboratory. The pharmacy is part of the vital triad of medical relationships — patient-physician-pharmacist

PAP answers that call every day for hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients across the Gulf states. Our open communication with your patients will address any questions or concerns and our follow-up during their treatment period will help keep them compliant with their treatment regimen. We are an integral part of the medical treatment triad of patient-physician-pharmacist. What is the Professional Arts Pharmacy Difference? It can be summarized in three ways:


Professional Support: Choose a compounding pharmacy that will work to alleviate some of the challenges associated with patient management.


Accreditation and Trust: Choose a compounding pharmacy that is better than “acceptable.” We exceed standards.


Abundant Resources: Make sure you choose a compounding pharmacy that has adequate resources.


PCAB_Accred_Seal*To learn more about PCAB Accreditation or review PAP’s Accreditation Report, visit or contact our pharmacy.


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